Rapper Drake, Climate Change Activist, Buys Massive Private Jet
My god - look at that massive carbon footprint!
[Climate Depot] - Drake has gotten himself a gigantic plane. ‐ Via Daily Caller ‐ The superstar rapper showed off his plane, called "Air Drake," on Instagram Friday, and it’s downright absurd. The interior is absolutely massive, and he points out that it’s not a "timeshare" or "rental." It’s just all his.

The private jet ownership is despite his efforts to campaign against climate change in his songs. With song lyrics that include: "[They’re] talkin’ bout how the weather’s changing / the ice is melting / like the world is ending," you would think he would try to live a low carbon lifestyle, but alas.

Flashback: Drake’s climate change epiphany ‐ He uses the song as a platform to rail against climate change and examine his own complicity in the ongoing degradation of the natural world...

Drake slips in: ’[they’re] talkin’ bout how the weather’s changing / the ice is melting / like the world is ending.’ One might, perhaps, assume Drake is referring to the usual ice melting in post-winter Toronto; especially given the line’s casual delivery and the beat-drop of the bridge that follows immediately after, as if forgetting he said it at all. But as we drop off this icy berg into the bridge ‐ ’She asks me, "who are you gonna be, when it’s all over, when it’s all over?"’ ‐ it is apparent that Drake’s simple moment of contemplation has had a transformative effect....

He enters a state of existential reflection, with a realization of his impending mortality: what will be the intrinsic value of his music, if the ice caps melt and the world is no longer sustainable? Or perhaps more pertinently, he realises that with his stadium-sized cultural standing, and ability to impact on the world at large, he is in an undeniable position of power to enact meaningful change and ensure the survival of the planet’s ecosystem ‐ a network nearly as complicated, beautiful, and wonderfully diverse as Drake himself.
Posted by: Raj 2019-05-11