Iranian ballistic missile platforms in Basra city directed towards the Gulf, Exxon evacuating, German mil. trainers evacuating

ExxonMobil evacuating staff from Basra oil fields in southern Iraq

German army halts Iraq military training amid Iran tensions

[IsraelTimes] Berlin says ’no concrete threat’ against its forces in the region, but decision comes after State Department orders non-emergency US embassy staff to leave Baghdad and Erbil.
All tied in with Iranian missiles stationed in Basra.
Things are getting interesting over there, so I’ve stacked the articles in one post for ease of perusal. See also the U.S. State Department is sending home non-essential personnel here.

Netherlands suspends mission in Iraq over security threats
Update at 2:15 p.m. EDT.
Baghdad (IraqiNews) The authorities of Netherlands announced, on Wednesday, suspending its mission in Iraq over security threats.

Dutch news agency ANP reported, today, that the Dutch government has suspended a mission in Iraq that provides assistance to local authorities due to a security threat. It added that the threats are directed toward the Dutch personnel who train Iraqi forces in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region, along with other foreign troops, including Germany.

Meanwhile, a number of news outlets reported that the German government earlier announced halting its mission in Iraq amid heightening tensions in the region. However, Defense Ministry Media Director Major General Tahseen al-Khafaji said in a brief statement that Germany has not suspended training and is continuing to work with the Ministry of Defense.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Defense website, the Netherlands is contributing to the international fight against the Islamic State group by providing military as well as political and humanitarian support. Dutch military personnel support Iraqi forces on the ground with military training and advice.

Dutch military instructors have already trained a total of over 100,000 members of the Iraqi armed forces and Kurdish armed forces (Peshmerga). Since these forces have achieved the basic level required, the anti-ISIS coalition is now providing a higher level of training.
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