Fourty-seven militants, five troops killed in Sinai raids: Army
[AlAhram] Fourty-seven forces of Evil and five Egyptian troops were killed during recent raids in the Sinai border region, the army said in a statement Thursday.

Air forces destroyed 29 hideouts used by "terrorist elements" in operations central and northern Sinai, the statement said. Militants killed were found in possession of rifles and improvised bombs.

Five army personnel, including two officers and three soldiers, were killed and four others maimed during the fighting, the statement added.

Egyptian security forces launched an extensive security operation in February 2018 to eliminate Islamist forces of Evil who have launched violent attacks that mainly targeted police and troops over the past several years.

The statement also said that military engineers in Sinai discovered and destroyed 385 bombs planted to target forces at operation sites. Forces also locked away
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158 criminal suspects.
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