Polish President Denounces 'Hate Crime' After Israeli Spits on Its Ambassador
[Haaretz] An Israeli man was arrested after spitting at Poland's ambassador as the diplomat was sitting in his car in Tel Aviv, Israel Police said Wednesday.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki denounced the attack on Twitter: "I am very worried to hear of a racist attack ... Poland strongly condemns this xenophobic act of aggression. Violence against diplomats or any other citizens should never be tolerated."

President Andrzej Duda called the incident "humiliation of Polish pride," adding it was an "anti-Polish hate crime." Duda said: "Just as we fight any sign of anti-Semitism, I won't agree to any anti-Polish action. We don't deserve it."
The man misbehaved — he claims in response to being insulted by the embassy guard for being Jewish — but he apologized most sincerely and was arrested anyway.

Posted by: Herb McCoy 2019-05-20