Iranian ballistic missile launchers in Iraq, Syria aimed at Israel: Iraqi official
[ALMASDARNEWS] The leader of Iraq’s National Coalition, Ayad Allawi, stated this past weekend that an Israeli intelligence agency provided the U.S. with photos of Iranian ballistic missile launchers aimed at Israel.

During his interview with al-Sharqiya TV, Allawi said Iranian ballistic launchers in Syria (area not specified) and Iraq (Basra) were pointed at not only Israel, but also, some of the Gulf States.

Allawi said he received this information after meeting with a U.S. official in Jordan. The U.S. official told him that these missiles were the reason Secretary of State Mike Pompeo canceled his visit to Germany in favor of traveling to Baghdad to meet with the Iraqi government.

The former Iraqi Vice President said that the U.S. officials "assured him" that the Israeli intelligence agencies were "closely monitoring Iranian ballistic missile systems" not only via satellite but also with "advanced ground systems for imaging and surveillance."

Neither the U.S. nor Israel have corroborated Allawi’s claims regarding the Iranian ballistic launchers.

Prior to Allawi’s comments, U.S. national security adviser John Bolton alleged that Iran was planning to attack the American forces in the Middle East. Bolton then announced that the U.S. aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, was heading the Persian Gulf to send a message to Iran.

Since this announcement by Bolton, tensions have remained high in the Persian Gulf, with the U.S. and their allies placing their armed forces on high alert.

Iran has denied they have any such plans, adding that they are not looking to start a war with the U.S.
So if they're not there, Iran should have no complaints if they're blown up by airstrikes....since they're not there

Posted by: Fred 2019-05-20