Police suspect 'inside help' in girl's kidnapping from Karachi's DHA neighbourhood
[DAWN] A 20-year old girl, who was kidnapped by four gunnies from outside her home in Bloody Karachi
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's Defence Housing Authority (DHA) neighbourhood last Sunday, returned home safely today, reportedly after the payment of ransom money.

The police termed it a first-of-a-kind case where the kidnappers contacted the family solely through social media, which fuelled police's suspicions that kidnappers might have had some "inside help".

Speaking at presser at his office, SSP South Pir Mohammed Shah said that law enforcement agencies were "active" for the recovery of the girl before she returned home safely.

The SSP said that "someone close to the family" may have been involved in the kidnapping and vowed that the criminals would be taken to task soon.

He said that the case was a challenge for the police, adding that "enhancement of police's capability is being contemplated in order to deal with such cases in future."

SSP Shah said that the girl's father did not disclose details to the police but that there is a "strong possibility" that the family paid ransom money for her release.

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South Zone DIG, Sharjeel Kareem Kharal told Dawn that the police have taken several measures to prevent such incidents in future, including the deployment of coppers at all restaurants in DHA and Clifton areas to keep strict vigil on criminal elements.

The DIG said that law enforcers have also conducted raids in different parts of the city and detained some persons for questioning in connection with the case.

Posted by: Fred 2019-05-20