Simple Truths about Abortion
[American Thinker] In order to have a rational discussion about abortion, it is best to begin with areas of agreement. The simple truths presented here are not intended to solve all disagreements about abortion, but to provide the foundation for a rational discussion.

After conception, the life developing inside a pregnant woman is human. It has human DNA. It is not a spider, dog or any other species of animal, other than human. Paul Stark’s article for a pro-life organization provides a fuller discussion. The human is very undeveloped at conception, and some may have arguments about why an undeveloped or partially developed human has a lesser right to life than a fully developed human. However, it is wrong to consider it anything other than human. Whether or not it satisfies the legal definition of "person" as that word is used in the United States Constitution, it is a human life.

The argument that a woman has a right to control her own body does not fully resolve the debate because it ignores the other human body involved. The pre-born human has rights also. Some may have arguments about why the woman’s rights predominate, but a complete resolution of the debate must take account of the rights of the pre-born human.
Posted by: Besoeker 2019-05-23