Coalition Seeks to Expose Communist Infiltration of Democratic Party
[Epoch Times] WASHINGTON‐A new group seeks to expose efforts by communists to take over the Democratic Party and, in so doing, help to drive them out.

Group member Trevor Loudon, who is also a contributor to The Epoch Times, announced on his website that with the launch of Stand Against Communism, this "takeover of the Democratic Party will be publicly exposed until the party takes firm action to remove these subversives from its ranks."

At the launch event at the National Press Club on May 20, Stand Against Communism Chairman Bishop E.W. Jackson said it constituted "an ongoing effort, and we’re developing a strategy for addressing this particularly over the next two years leading up to 2020."
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"We’re going to use the spotlight of the presidential election to call attention to what these candidates stand for," he said. A "strike force" working in early presidential nomination contest states with churches and Tea Party groups will inform the electorate about candidate backgrounds, and challenge the candidates directly to put them and "the whole apparatus" on the defensive.

For instance, "why hasn’t anybody challenged Bernie Sanders: What does socialism mean?" Jackson asked.

"When Bernie Sanders stands up and declares himself a ’socialist,’" Jackson said, "we ought to all hear him saying, ’I am a Communist.’" After all, Jackson argued, the CPUSA’s own stated goal is "to build socialism in the United States based on the revolutionary traditions and struggles of the people of our country."

The problem is not limited to presidential candidates, Jackson said. Former FBI Director James Comey once revealed that politically he had "moved from Communist to whatever I am now." Jackson asked, "How does a former Communist end up the head of the FBI?"

Likewise, Jackson noted, former CIA Director John Brennan has acknowledged he once voted for Communist Party USA (CPUSA) General Secretary Gus Hall for president, a candidate "who was being funded by the Soviet Union."
Posted by: Besoeker 2019-05-26