Palestinian Authorities Thwarted An ISIS Terror Attack In Israel - Report
[Jpost] Alaa Bashir is a 23-years-old Paleostinian woman from a village near Kalkilya, who joined ISIS through "Telegram" and was planning to execute a terror attack in Israel, but was tossed in the calaboose
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by Paleostinian authorities beforehand for "attempting to shake regional stability," Ynet reported on Sunday.

According to the exclusive report by a Paleostinian official to Ynet, Bashir joined ISIS who then taught her through manuals sent through the internet, how to assemble large bombs, which she could strap to herself and commit a suicide terror attack in the heart of Israeli territory.

Public campaigns to free Bashir forced the Paleostinian authorities to publish an announcement explaining that Bashir was arrested for "attempting to shake regional stability" and now the details become clearer.

Bashir had expressed her support of al-Qaeda in the past before joining ISIS, the report claims. The report also states that prior to her arrest, Bashir suffered from harsh social problems, which pushed her to the decision to end her life in a terror attack.

Bashir's arrest is not the first time that Paleostinian authorities thwart planned terror attacks against Israel, as earlier reports claim that the authorities cleared roads from bombs and arrested murderous Moslems who planned attacks in Israel.
Interesting details from Ynet at 8:30 p.m.:
The suspect is Alaa Bashir, 23, a Koran teacher from the town of Jinsafut in the northern West Bank.

According to the source, Bashir was associated in the past with murderous Moslem Salafi organizations.

The suspect is a niece of an intelligence officer in the PA, a detail causing some embarrassment for those involved.

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