Amid feud with Trump, Washington Post offers timely piece declaring Nancy Pelosi a ‘fashion icon’
[BIZPACREVIEW] With Speaker Nancy Pelosi locking horns with President Donald Trump in a battle that is getting increasingly personal, the Washington Post is out with a timely piece calling the 79-year-old California Democrat a “fashion icon.”

Describing Pelosi as “a recipe for stylish feminine authority with a healthy dose of attitude,” fashion journalist Christina Binkley doesn’t even try to hide her adulation for the Democrat leader.

In the article, Binkley props up Pelosi as a master effortlessly manipulating Trump back in December under the guise of writing about the red wool coat she had on.

“Pelosi also stayed largely mum when her clothes drew attention in December,” she wrote. “As she strode out of the White House looking victorious in a brick-red wool coat and sunglasses, having baited President Trump into taking responsibility for the coming government shutdown, she tipped her sunglasses. Her swagger went viral. So did the coat.”
Posted by: Fred 2019-05-27