Taliban militants suffer heavy casualties in U.S. airstrikes in Badghis and Ghor
[KhaamaPress] The U.S. forces based in Afghanistan carried out a series of Arclight airstrikes in North-western Badghis and Ghor provinces inflicting casualties on 24 Taliban
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The 207th Zafar Corps in a statement said the U.S. forces carried out the airstrikes in support of the Afghan armed forces in Bala Murghab district of Badghis and Shahrak district of Ghor.

The statement further added that the airstrikes killed 20 Talibs.

In addition to this, the airstrikes killed one of the commanders of Taliban identified as Mullah Hayatullah.

Furthermore, the airstrikes injured at least four other Taliban fighters, the 207th Zafar Corps added.

The anti-government armed murderous Moslems including Taliban have not commented regarding the airstrikes so far.

The security situation in some districts of Badghis and Ghor provinces has tanked during the recent months.

Talibs often carry out terrorist related activities in the restive areas of the two provinces.

In the meantime, the Afghan forces are busy conducting counter-terrorism operations against the anti-government armed elements in the two provinces.

Similarly, the U.S. forces conduct regular airstrikes in restive districts of Badghis and Ghor to suppress the Taliban and other anti-government bully boys.
Posted by: trailing wife 2019-06-02