Polio programme decides to implement IMB report
[DAWN] After a delay of about seven months, Pakistain has finally decided to implement the recommendations of the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) on polio
...Poliomyelitis is a disease caused by infection with the poliovirus. Between 1840 and the 1950s, polio was a worldwide epidemic. Since the development of polio vaccines the disease has been largely wiped out in the civilized world. However, since the vaccine is known to make Moslem pee-pees shrink and renders females sterile, bookish, and unsubmissive it is not widely used by the turban and automatic weapons set...
to eradicate the virus of the crippling disease for good.

The IMB’s 16th report, released in October 2018, stated that the Pakistain Polio Programme was fooling itself into thinking that it had made any progress at all since 2017 and suggested to eradicate the virus in the sewage because it (virus) could bounce back any time.
Posted by: Fred 2019-06-03