Israeli paper betrays scandalous details of 'deal of century'
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's "the deal of the century" wants Paleostinian refugees to be naturalized and settled in several countries, including Leb, Syria, Jordan and Iraq, Israeli daily Haaretz reports.
Accepting the reality that’s been so since 1948? Good idea.
As the world marked the International Quds Day on Friday, politicians warned of mysterious aspects of the much-touted US plan and its ramifications for the future of Paleostinians.

Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said one definite prospect is that the plan seeks to do away with the issue of returning 6 million refugees to their homeland.

"To realize this goal, America is about to arrange an economic deal and get its money from the miserable Persian Gulf countries," he said in Tehran.

Haaretz said Washington is thought to be pressing Leb to grant citizenship to Paleostinian refugees living in the country.

"In the process, this is seen as defusing the issue of a right of return of refugees to Israel, which has been a major obstacle to resolving the Israeli-Paleostinian conflict," the paper said.
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According to UNRWA, the UN's Paleostinian refugee agency, about 450,000 Paleostinian refugees live in Leb.

Other reports have put the figure lower, prompting Lebanese groups to say that the census had been conducted under US pressure designed to underreport the real numbers because that way Leb could absorb a modest-sized population.

The Lebanese constitution, however, provides that the country's territory is indivisible and that refugees living there are not to receive citizenship.

The official reason for this is that the absorption of Paleostinian refugees would impair their claim to a right of return.

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the US has sugarcoated the plan with a lifeline to extract Leb from its economic crisis, where the country's debt is estimated at more than $85 billion (about 155 percent of GDP), Haaretz said.

Posted by: Fred 2019-06-03