Trump supporter pops massive balloon depicting POTUS as baby at UK protests
[FoxNews] A woman popped the massive balloon depicting President Trump as a baby in London on Tuesday, berating protesters for disrespecting the "best president ever."

"That's a disgrace," she told bystanders in a video posted by The Sun newspaper. "The president of the United States is the best president ever." It's unclear what she used to deflate the balloon but she prompted people to yell in response.

"I think Donald Trump's balloon is not very well," she said as she walked away from the scene. "He's going down rapidly for a reason." During the video, an officer appeared to confront her, prompting her to delcare "the police are coming after me."
On this side of the pond that would be destruction of private property, I imagine, because the thing had to belong to someone who was not her. On the other hand, it also is an attractive nuisance, like a swimming pool in which other people’s children can’t resist drowning themselves. Over there it’s probably deployment of an offensive weapon, even if it’s only a hatpin rather than a gun or s knife.

Posted by: Skidmark 2019-06-05