Architect of deadly attack on Kabul police check killed in armed forces operation
[KhaamaPress] The Afghan forces have killed the main architect of a deadly attack on a police check post in Kabul city.

Nasrat Rahimi, a front man for the ministry of interior told news hounds in Kabul that the security forces have killed the architect of the attack on Doghabad police check post.

He said a Taliban
...the Pashtun equivalent of men...
group leader identified as Qari Shafiq had plotted the attack on police check post in Doghabad area of Kabul city.

Rahimi further added that the security forces killed Qari Shafiq and scores of other hard boyz in Wardak province.

According to Rahimi, the security forces conducted the operation four days ago.

A group of armed hard boyz launched an attack on a police check post in Doghabad area of Kabul city on 19th of May.

The armed forces of Evil killed at least three coppers and injured six others before fleeing the area.
Posted by: trailing wife 2019-06-05