'Lone wolf', 22, arrested for plotting to shoot up Times Square 'spoke of getting suicide vests and grenades before he was arrested in an undercover sting trying to buy guns without serial numbers'
[Daily Mail, where America gets its news]
  • Ashiqul Alam, 22,
    ...another idiot whose very best friend is an FBI informant...
    Shh! There might be an idiot reading!
    was arrested on Thursday after authorities learned of his alleged plot to open fire in New York's Times Square

  • Investigators learned the suspect, who lives in Queens with his parents, had been inquiring about buying explosives, suicide vests and grenades

  • He appeared in federal court in Brooklyn on Friday

  • Alam had allegedly spoken about wanting to attack politicians in New York City and Washington D.C. but decided on the Times Square plot

  • He was taken into custody in an undercover sting after paying $400 cash for guns that had their serial numbers removed

  • He is being held without bail as a flight risk

  • Alam moved to U.S. from Bangladesh 12 years ago and is a legal permanent resident
The Jerusalem Post adds:
Alam is a rising senior at John Jay College and has two jobs, his lawyer said at the hearing. When asked about Alam, a spokesman for John Jay College said it does not release information about individual students.

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