Project Veritas video where whistleblower exposes Big Tech censorship re-uploaded with censored material removed
[YouTube] This video has been re-uploaded. Due to privacy complaints, some of the investigative journalism in this report has been censored. You can view the full, un-redacted version on our website: https://www.projectveritas.com/2019/06/11/tech-insider-blows-whistle-on-how-pinterest-listed-top-pro-life-site-as-porn-bible-verses-censored/

  • Insider: Search Term “Christian” Won’t Auto-Complete, Others Can’t Trend, No Notifications, or Recommendations
  • Pinterest Blacklisted Pro-Life Group LiveAction.org, Classified as “Pornography,” Cannot Link to Site
  • Leaked “Sensitive Terms List” Includes “bible verses” and “christian easter”
  • Ben Shapiro Commentary Censored in “zero tolerance moment,” Slack Messages Reveal
  • Planned Parenthood Undercover Videos Marked as “harmful” Conspiracy
  • Veritas Calls On More Silicon Valley Insiders to Come Forward

    Youtube Has Censored Tim Pool's Video About Youtube Censorship, Yes Seriously
    James O'Keefe and Project Veritas really kicked over an anthill. Silicon Valley is furious that an investigative journalist and a whistleblower exposed them.

    Alex Jones was the test. They waited a little bit. No one cared that much. Now it's game on.

    Posted by: Herb McCoy 2019-06-16
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