Taliban militants suffer heavy casualties in Ghor operations
[KhaamaPress] The security forces killed 15 Talibs during the joint military operations in Ghor province.

the 207th Zafar Corps in a statement said the security forces conducted the operation in Aahangara, Shotor Khan and Amrutak villages of Dolina district.

The statement further added that the Air Forces and Artillery Units also provided support to the security forces during the operation.

The 207th Zafar Corps also added that two commanders of Taliban
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Mullah Dad and Mustafa Amrutak were among those killed.

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the security forces maimed 13 Talibs during the operation and arrested six others.

The 207th Zafar Corps also added that the security forces confiscated two PKM machine guns, 2 rocket launchers, 3 Ak-47 rifles, 2 Land Cruiser Vehicles, a Toyota Prado vehicle, cycle of violences and some other equipment.
Posted by: trailing wife 2019-06-19