The fatal flaw in the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan
Lemme guess? It has Paleostinians in it?
[The Hill] The Trump administration has just rolled out the economic part of its new Israeli-Palestinian peace plan. It will facilitate some $50 billion in socioeconomic development, with over $27 billion going to Gaza and the West Bank. The balance will go to Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

The plan is nation-building on steroids. It would fund everything from roads, power, water, ICT and border infrastructure, to governance, to health and education, to regional economic integration. It's big, it's bold and it's comprehensive. There's just one problem. As we've learned repeatedly since World War II, development doesn't buy peace in ethnic and religious wars.

Hateful tribal cultures don't act in their best interests.
Smite them until they disintegrate or learn
They were given the opportunity with a big bribe. If they choose to spit on it, then President Trump needn't try ever again.

Posted by: Frank G 2019-06-28