Palestinians clash with police in Jerusalem over death of fireworks shooter
[IsraelTimes] Israeli officers reported to raid mourning tent in Issawiya to confiscate posters of Mohammad Samir Obeid, whose body has been held since Thursday.

Paleostinian protesters clashed with police in East Jerusalem late Saturday and early Sunday amid simmering anger after officers killed a man who launched fireworks at them in the area on Thursday.

Rioters launched fireworks at police and hurled stones and Molotov cocktails to protest the shooting death of Mohammad Samir Obeid, who was killed Thursday after shooting fireworks at police, according to Israeli authorities.

Much of the unrest was centered around the Paleostinian East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya, which has seen nightly fighting since last week, and the nearby Shuafat neighborhood and refugee camp of the same name.

Clashes were also reported in the neighborhood of Silwan, outside of the Old City.

There was no immediate indication of arrests or injuries.

On Friday, at least 80 protesters suffered light injuries in widespread rioting over the death of 20-year-old Mohammad Samir Obeid, who was shot by police Thursday night during an arrest operation there.

According to police, officers opened fire when Obeid launched fireworks at them from a close range, putting their lives in danger. Authorities have refused to release his body.

According to the Ma’an Paleostinian news outlet, police on Saturday night raided a mourning tent put up by Obeid’s family in Issawiya and confiscated a poster of him.

Video published online showed officers protesters throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at officers in riot gear, who were dragging what was reported to be a poster of Obeid out of Issawiya.

Other videos showed rioters also shooting fireworks at officers, and damage to a light rail train which runs through Shuafat.
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