Ex-jihadist Tania Joya now fights to 'reprogram' extremists
Catching up with our girl, who we last saw back in January.
[Rudaw] Tania Joya, the ex-wife of a big shot for the Islamic State, speaks during an interview with AFP about her experience and Preventing Violent Extremism Training, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., July 19, 2019.

Tania Joya
...Bangladeshi-British former wife of the senior Westerner in ISIS. she was known as Joya Choudhury Tania before she and the kiddies left ISIS (and Islam) to settle with her former husband's parents in Dallas, spilling all she knew to the authorities. She gave a long interview back in January about the changes in her life, including her new marriage, baptizing her children as Christians, and celebrating the Jewish holidays with her friends at the local Reform synagogue...
has devoted her life to "reprogramming" Death Eaters and reintroducing them into society ‐ a process she understands well as a "former Islamic jihadist" herself.

Posted by: trailing wife 2019-07-21