Aggravated Mayhem Conviction For Man Who Ripped Out Victim's Eyeball
[BREITBART] Yesterday, a Kern County Jury found defendant Isaac Manuel Orozco guilty as charged on several counts relating to his forced entry to a home and assault of the residents. While assaulting the residents, Orozco had one victim face down on the floor, and was on top of the victim. Orozco grabbed the victim's eye and literally ripped out the eyeball. Orozco attempted to pull out the other eye as well, but was unsuccessful. Orozco was convicted of aggravated mayhem, attempted aggravated mayhem, burglary and assault with a deadly weapon and faces a sentence up to Life in prison when he is sentenced on August 14. The case was prosecuted by DDA Stephanie Zigler.
Posted by: Fred 2019-07-22