6000 protest at Gaza border, rioters hurl explosive devices toward IDF troops
It’s the usual Friday riot along the Gaza border fence.
[IsraelTimes] 51 Paleostinians said injured at demonstrations, 24 of them as a result of IDF fire, after Thursday firefight between Paleostinian gunman and Israeli soldiers.

Some 6,000 Paleostinians gathered near the Gazoo
...Hellhole adjunct to Israel and Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, inhabited by Gazooks. The place was acquired in the wake of the 1967 War and then presented to Paleostinian control in 2006 by Ariel Sharon, who had entered his dotage. It is currently ruled with an iron fist by Hamaswith about the living conditions you'd expect. It periodically attacks the Hated Zionist Entity whenever Iran needs a ruckus created or the hard boyz get bored, getting thumped by the IDF in return. The ruling turbans then wave the bloody shirt and holler loudly about oppression and disproportionate response...
Strip’s border with Israel Friday to take part in weekly protests near the fence.

The Kan public broadcaster reported that some demonstrators broke through Hamas, the well-beloved offspring of the Moslem Brotherhood, checkpoints set up to prevent mass rushes of protesters toward the border.
Of course they did
According to Hebrew-language media reports, rioters hurled rocks and bombs toward IDF troops stationed on the border. There were no reports of Israeli injuries.

The Hamas-run Gaza health ministry said 51 Paleostinians were maimed, 24 as a result of IDF fire.

The IDF said one of the flags waved by protesters was attached to a swastika.

In addition, a fire started in the Simhoni Forest, close to the border community of Kfar Aza, was thought to have been ignited by incendiary balloons launched from the Strip.

Channel 13 news earlier reported that the IDF had bolstered its presence in the region surrounding the enclave and was prepared for "every possible scenario" after a Paleostinian gunman injured three Israeli soldiers in a firefight before being killed a day earlier. The gunman was identified as Hani Abu Salah, a member of the military wing of Hamas whose brother was killed in a clash with the IDF last May.

Abu Salah was armed with a rifle and grenades and wearing a Hamas uniform, according to the IDF. However,
there's more than one way to stuff a chicken...
an army spokesperson said the military believes the attacker was acting alone and not on orders from Hamas.

The Israeli soldiers were taken to Soroka hospital in Beersheba with non-life-threatening injuries. One officer was receiving care for moderate injuries while two lightly maimed soldiers were released shortly after their arrival.

On Wednesday, Israel wrapped up a four-day drill meant to prepare for the possibility of war with fighters based in the Paleostinian enclave.
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