Leading LGBT-people in Pride Community convicted for child molestation
[VOE] As the Pride festival in Stockholm continues, it has turned out that several leading persons in the organisation have been convicted for sexual crimes. Rape, child pornography and grooming against under-aged boys and girls are listed among the crimes carried out by men as well as women.

It is the Christian news site Världen idag which has examined cases of child molestation within the Swedish LGBT community. The Pride organisation’s press department does not want to respond to questions from the news site since it considers that the questions "are incorrectly asked".

Here is a list:

39-year-old man ‐ convicted for rape
For several years, the man has participated in seminars and exhibitions at Stockholm Pride. In June, he was convicted to three years and nine months in prison for child rape, gross abuse of child for sexual posing, sexual harassment and severe child pornography crimes. The man, who was involved in the Swedish Medical Association and complained about homophobic attitudes in the world of medicine, met the boy he molested at the Internet dating site Cruiser. He is also sentenced to pay SEK 165,000 (€15,000) to his victim.

40-year-old woman ‐ child pornography
The woman took images of children’s genitals in their home environments and transferred the pictures to a network of paedophiles. She was one in a group of molesters who were simultaneously convicted and the woman was sentenced to eight months in prison for child pornography crimes.
Earlier, she was one of the front figures for women’s rights for insemination and told a Swedish newspaper that she intended to go to Denmark with her partner for insemination.

40-year old man ‐ Previous to last year’s Pride festival, twconvicted for child rapeo senior managers in the Pride organisation resigned. It turned out that one of them had been sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for the rape against an under-aged child, some years before. The other man was accused of sex purchase from an under-aged boy.
Stockholm Pride was aware of the two cases but the managers were not dismissed until the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter wrote about it in late 2017. It turned out that employees at Stockholm Pride knew about the rape sentence of the 40-year-old, without reacting. The charges of sex purchase facing the second manager were dropped since the boy victim did not want to participate in the investigation.

42-year-old man, convicted for child pornography
In 2016, one of the front figures for Luleå Pride was convicted to probation with defined treatment plan for severe child pornography crimes, found in the man’s computer. Before, the man was employed at the Region of Norrbotten and worked as a project manager for equality and diversity.

44-year-old manconvicted for child molestation
The man, a school leader and connected to the Swedish governmental organisation for sexual enlightening, RFSU, was three weeks ago convicted to two years and six months by Stockholm district court for 21 sexual abuses against children.

30-year-old man convicted for child pornography
The man represented the Swedish Defence Force at a Pride parade in Luleå 2016. Three weeks later, the Police found 13.656 pornographic images and 302 films of child pornography in his computer. In February, the man, who during the investigation changed his sex into a woman, was convicted to prohibition with special treatment for severe crimes of child pornography.
Posted by: Besoeker 2019-08-04