Russian Air Force launches massive attack after militants allegedly target Hmeimim Airbase
[ALMASDARNEWS] The Russian Air Force has launched a massive attack on northeastern Latakia after they alleged the Death Eaters fired several missiles towards the Hmeimim Airbase.

According to reports from the Latakia Governorate, the Russian Air Force conducted several Arclight airstrike
s over the jihadist-held towns of Kabani and Sirmaniyeh, along with a number of sites in the Jabal al-Akrad region.

Prior to these airstrikes, the Russian Ministry of Defense accused the jihadists of launching several missiles towards the Hmeimim Airbase, causing a number of explosions in the process.

Despite these claims, the Death Eaters have denied firing any missiles towards the Hmeimim Airbase.

Typically, the Death Eaters use attack drones to bomb the Hmeimim Airbase; however, very few details were released by the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding this attack.

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Posted by: Fred 2019-08-06