Israeli military aircraft almost entered Syrian airspace
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[ALMASDARNEWS] An Israeli reconnaissance aircraft almost entered Syrian airspace on Sunday, prompting a potential confrontation between the two forces, the Russian aviation website Avia.Pro reported.

"A few hours ago, an Israeli military reconnaissance aircraft was in the Golan Heights’ (the territory occupied by Israel) airspace, approaching the Syrian borders at a distance of 7 kilometers, making it an extremely fat target even for outdated Syrian systems air defense," the aviation website reported.

Flight route of the Israeli aircraft and its approach to the Syrian border, as shared by Avia.Pro.

"We can say with confidence that the pro-Syrian forces would not have left the Israeli reconnaissance aircraft a single chance if the latter had crossed the airspace boundary, which is only about 30 seconds of flight ," a military expert told Avia.Pro.

Israel often conducts close border flights in Leb and Syria; however, they rarely enter the latter without actually launching an attack against the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies.

Last week, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) attacked the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) positions at a military outpost in the town of Tal Bariqa.

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