Marianne Williamson details plan to pay up to $500 billion in other people's money as reparations for slavery
[WASHINGTONTIMES] Democratic presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson
...Dem presidential candidate for 2020, campaigning on a platform of Hope and Change™, massage therapy, feng shueh, incense, Love©, and half a trillion bucks in reparations to black folk...
on Wednesday laid out more details in her plan to pay out financial reparations for slavery in the U.S., saying a council made up of black leaders should oversee a payout of between $200 billion and $500 billion.

"When it comes to paying reparations for slavery, on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level, we cannot afford not to," said Ms. Williamson, an author and self-help expert. "Until we do, this cycle of violence that began in the 1600s and continues to this day will continue to haunt our psyche."

Ms. Williamson called for setting up a council made up of between 30 and 50 members who are descents of slaves who have a scholarly, cultural or political connection to the issue of reparations.

The plan dictates that the council, not the U.S. government, would determine how the money would be doled out, and that it should be "for purposes of economic and educational renewal."

The $200 billion to $500 billion figure, an amount she had floated during last week’s presidential debate, would go toward education, infrastructure, and other projects for black communities.

Posted by: Fred 2019-08-08