Syrian Army keeps rolling in northern Hama, new areas captured
[ALMASDARNEWS] The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued their advance in northern Hama this evening after seizing several areas earlier in the day.

Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army attacked a number of points under the control of Jaish al-Izza in northern Hama tonight.

According to a military source in northern Hama, the Syrian Arab Army managed to capture the town of Jaysat and nearby Damyoun Farms after a short battle with the snuffies of Jaish al-Izza.

With these latest losses, the snuffies of Jaish al-Izza find themselves on the verge of expulsion from the Hama Governorate.

The Syrian Arab Army has already concentrated their artillery and Arclight airstrike
s on the Jaish al-Izza strongholds of Kafr Zita and al-Latamnah; however, they have yet to storm these important towns on the border of the Idlib Governorate.

At the same time, it appears The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...Qatar's colony in Asia Minor...
is not willing to abandon their observation posts in the Hama Governorate, despite the fact their allied forces have suffered several battlefield setbacks.

On Thursday, opposition activists reported that several Ottoman Turkish military vehicles made their way to the observation post in the Hama Governorate town of Sheir Magher.

In the past, the Ottoman Turkish observation post in Sheir Magher has come under attack by the Syrian Arab Army; this would result in the death of two Ottoman Turkish military personnel.

The Syrian Army has repeatedly called on Turkey to withdraw their troops from these observation posts; however, Ankara has refused, claiming that they are peacekeeping forces.
Posted by: Fred 2019-08-09