Swedish author Björn Ranelid says it's time to speak the truth about Sweden in new controversial column
[VOE] Most critical is Ranelid of the "writers and debaters on cultural and editorial pages" who "imitate each other and try to explain away and deny the events with silly litanies about the alienation of certain people in relation to society in general".

According to Ranelid, "these murderers in the gangs" are outside society "solely through their own actions and choices in life", and he points out that they "are in many respects extremely privileged individuals in relation to billions of people in India, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, African countries and China. In essence, they have nothing to complain about in Sweden".

He concludes by once again stating that "if ten, eleven or twelve cities in Sweden are centers for various gangster gangs and criminal networks that time and again resolve conflicts with automatic weapons where the public reside, then there is a small-scale or more widespread war in Sweden".

Posted by: Besoeker 2019-08-09