A robust response that’s viable too
[DAWN] INDIA’S callous annexation of the disputed territory of Kashmire and the repression that it came amidst filled my heart with enormous ache as not just the millions of faceless, nameless Kashmiris were in my thoughts but also half a dozen wonderful human beings from the valley who happen to be personal friends.

Access to the occupied valley has been restricted in the best of times but unlike so many around the world who seem to have bought into Delhi’s demonisation of the Kashmiri as a bad boy, obscurantist monolith that has no place in the 21st century, my friendship with the amazing individuals I have referred to makes me see clearly the absurdity of the Indian position.

By revoking Article 370 of the Indian constitution, the BJP government has furnished evidence of its fascism
Posted by: Fred 2019-08-11