AAF and U.S. airstrikes kill 34 Taliban militants in Logar province
[KhaamaPress] The Afghan and U.S. forces conducted Arclight airstrike
s in various parts of Pashtun-infested Logar province killing at least 34 Talibs.

The 203rd Thunder Corps said in a statement that the Afghan and U.S. forces conducted the airstrikes in Tandan area of the capital of Pashtun-infested Logar, Qala-e Ebad of Baraki Barak district and Kharpichak Kotal of Charkh district.

The statement further added that the airstrikes killed 34 Talibs and maimed at least 4 others.

Furthermore, the 203rd Thunder Corps said the airstrikes also destroyed a vehicle packed with explosives and munitions.
Posted by: trailing wife 2019-08-11