Syrian Army completes encirclement of militants, Turkish Army in southern Idlib
Pretty pathetic if your well-armed army with paramilitary auxiliaries can’t win a single battle against the exhausted Syrian army that is barely defeating semi-trained jihadis, even with Russian aid and guidance.
[ALMASDARNEWS] The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has completely cutoff the gunnies from all supply lines in southern Idlib and northern Hama, a source from the military told al-Masdar this evening.

According to the military source, the Syrian Arab Army forces at the Khan Sheikhoun front has met up with the troops near the town of al-Ta’manah; thus, completing the encirclement of this region in northwestern Syria.

In addition to besieging the murderous Moslems, the Syrian Arab Army has also cutoff the Ottoman Turkish military at the Morek observation post from all of its supply roads.

The Ottoman Turkish military will have to coordinate with their Russian allies because they are allowed access to the Hama-Idlib Highway, per the September 17th, 2018 Sochi Agreement.

At this time, the Syrian Arab Army is still clearing Khan Sheikhoun after entering the city from all axes.

Furthermore, the Syrian military’s 5th Corps and Elite Republican Guard are advancing through the al-Ta’manah area in a bid to secure the town and the remaining points under murderous Moslem control.

As a result of this week’s gains, the Syrian Arab Army has scored a major victory against the jihadist rebels, who previously vowed to defend this region until the last man.

Posted by: Fred 2019-08-22