Bangladesh Offers Repatriation to Rohingya Muslims, None Accept
[BREITBART] The government of Bangladesh on Thursday cleared 3,450 Rohingya Moslem refugees to return to their homes in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, but not a single one of the 295 families approached by Bangladeshi and United Nations
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officials was willing to go. The Bangladeshis were left with a line of empty trucks and buses pointed at the Myanmar border.

According to Sky News, some Rohingya whose names were on the repatriation list actually hid from officials so they would not be returned. Both Bangladesh and the United Nations have given assurances that repatriation will be strictly voluntary.
"For now"
Rohingya leaders stated they will not consider returning home unless the government of Myanmar meets a set of security demands, chief among them an end to their awkward status as a stateless people. Myanmar refuses to recognize the Rohingya as citizens, and does not even see them as a distinct ethnic group.

The refugees also want safety guarantees, the return of property seized when they were subjected to a campaign of ethnic cleansing, and justice for the Myanmar troops and leaders who mistreated them.

"We need a real guarantee of citizenship, security and promise of original homelands. So we must talk with the Myanmar government about this before repatriation," Rohingya leader Muhammad Islam told Al Jazeera on Thursday.

The office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) confirmed that not a single family they interviewed was willing to consider repatriation. A similar repatriation effort in November was equally unsuccessful.

Even if they had accepted, the 3,450 Rohingya invited to return would have been a tiny fraction of the roughly 740,000 refugees currently packed into the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh, a ghastly city of ramshackle shelters stretching to the horizon where human trafficking is one of the major industries.
Posted by: Fred 2019-08-24