Germany Receives Four 'ISIS' Orphans
[AAWSAT] For the first time since declaring the eradication of ISIS
...embracing their inner Islamic Brute...
in March, the German government has received four children whose parents were part of ISIS from the Kurdish-led autonomous administration in northeastern Syria.

The four children are three girls and one boy, the oldest of which is ten years old. The father of the girls was killed in battles in Deir al-Zour countryside.

These children used to live in al-Hawl Camp that has become a shelter for those fleeing regions that were seized by ISIS earlier. The camp includes today 72,000 persons, of which 90 percent is children and women.

Some of the countries that received their nationals are Denmark that received one orphan, Netherland that received two orphans in June. The same number returned to Trinidad in January while Norway was handed out five children in July, and the US received five women along with five children in the same month.

The total of those who returned to their home countries is 319 women with their children, in addition to orphans whose fathers were killed in battles in Syria.

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Iraqis represent the highest population in the camp with 30,875 persons and 8,746 households living there. While 30,593 Syrians from 8,983 reside in the camp.

The camp has a special section for foreign women and their children coming from Arab and Western countries. Around 10,734 reside there including 3,177 women while the rest are children below the age of 15. Yet, this section is subject to strict security supervision in which women are not allowed to go out without a written permission and are accompanied by security members.

Posted by: Fred 2019-08-24