Syrian Army enters strategic town in southern Idlib
[ALMASDARNEWS] The Syrian Arab Army has entered the strategic town of al-Ta’manah this afternoon, following a fierce battle with the jihadist forces in the area.

Led by the 25th Division Special Mission Forces (formerly the "Tiger Forces"), the Syrian Arab Army began their assault on al-Ta’manah last night, when their troops began storming the town’s surroundings.

Shortly after launching the attack, the Syrian Arab Army managed to score their first advances, as their troops captured the Ta’amanah Farms and the town of Khuwayn al-Kabir.

On Thursday morning, the Syrian Arab Army began their attack on the town itself; they would face heavy resistance from the jihadist rebels that were protecting al-Ta’amanah.

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the main line of defense for the holy warriors would ultimately fold, paving the way for the Tiger Forces to enter the town this afternoon.

If the Syrian Army can take hold of al-Ta’manah and Khuwayn, they can ultimately secure the Hama-Idlib axis and the eastern flank of Khan Sheikhoun.

Khan Sheikhoun and northern Hama were captured during the Syrian Army’s large-scale attack last week. Since then, they have worked to secure this area in order to prevent future any future infiltration by the jihadist rebel forces.
Posted by: Fred 2019-08-30