Sixteen Dead, 75 Injured in Stampede at Iraqi Shiite Muslim Shrine
[BREITBART] A human stampede of Shiite Muslim pilgrims at a major shrine in the Iraqi city of Karbala claimed 16 lives on Tuesday and left dozens more injured, the health ministry said.

The shrine stands around 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of Baghdad, said spokesman Saif al-Badr, stressing that the toll was not final among those who were there to mark the holy day of Ashura.

It is the deadliest stampede in recent history during Ashura, when Shiite pilgrims from around the world swarm Karbala to commemorate the death of Mohammed’s grandson.

According to Shiite belief, Imam Hussein went knowingly to his death at the hands of Yazid’s forces in what is now Iraq in a bid to expose the corruption and irreligiosity of his rule.
Courtesy of lord garth, lots of photos from The Sun, which adds:
The anniversary is a national holiday in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Pakistan, and typically involves public expressions of mourning.

The Ashura festivities were marked by tragedy in Iraq's holy city of Karbala after more than 30 pilgrims died and another 100 were wounded in a stampede when a walkway collapsed.

Some Muslims mark the day with the practice of Tatbir, in which a sword or scourge is used to draw blood in remembrance of the innocent blood of Husayn.

Many who take part in the practice believe it cleanses them of their sins.

Posted by: Fred 2019-09-11