After Gillette, next male-market sports company caves to transgender madness
[AMERICANTHINKER] First was the Gillette's razor commercial with its not so subtle message about so-called toxic masculinity
...the liberal concept (the science is settled!) that men are knuckle dragging bastards who spend all their time watching football, drinking beer, burping, farting, and thumping their women. This doesn't apply if the men are girls transitioning to boys, or boys transitioning to girls, or either transitioning to sheep...
. As USA Today put it:

In a two-minute advertisement, the famous Procter & Gamble brand tells men to "say the right thing" and "act the right way." The ad plays on the company's slogan, "The best a man can get," replacing it with, "The best a man can be." It portrays a montage of male bullying, harassment and sexist behavior and men stepping in to intervene to stop the behavior.

That was relatively mild. Then Gillette followed up with an ad in which Samson Bonkeabantu Brown, a trans rights activist, is shown how to shave by her father. The commercial spends more time with the young Brown talking about how happy she is in transitioning than anything about shaving itself. The only mention of Gillette or its razors in the 64-second commercial is the last five seconds, when the name Gillette silently appears on the screen. I'd ask if this commercial is advertising or propaganda, except that the answer is obvious.

Lesbian TV hostess Ellen DeGeneres called this Gillette ad "nothing short of incredible." Indeed, it was, Ellen. Both Gillette ads drew a firestorm of criticism, but Procter & Gamble is undaunted.

Now there's another iconic male brand doing its bit to spread gender confusion. It's Everlast, the global leader in boxing-, MMA-, and fitness-related sporting goods, equipment, footwear, and accessories. Here's what the company did, as reported by Page Six:

In December, Patricio Manuel became the first transgender boxer in the world to compete in a professional-level fight. And now, Everlast is recognizing the athlete's groundbreaking achievement by naming him [sic] the face of its newest "Be First" campaign.

The 34-year old fighter first garnered the industry's attention as a female boxer before choosing to transition in 2013.

Manuel, who is female, was a five-time USA woman's national amateur boxing champion. Video at the site shows a three-minute video clip of Manuel today explaining her "transition" and some footage of her first pro fight in 2018 as a man, which she won. Manuel has had no pro fights since.
Posted by: Fred 2019-09-30