Apple removes App that was used by Hong Kong Protestors
[9to5mMac]There is controversy today after Apple removed a Hong Kong protest app from the App Store. The developers claim that the app helps people avoid trouble spots and comply with the law, while Apple says that it's intended to circumvent the law.

It's currently unclear whether Apple made its own decision to remove the HKmap Live app, or whether it acted at the request of the Chinese government…
It could be used by protesters who want to evade the police, or it could be used to allow citizens to avoid trouble spots where there is a danger of being caught up in conflicts between the police and protesters.
[Although this may be innocent, Apple has been cooperating with the PRC oppression for 2 years now by reducing access to various apps. Similarly Google has assisted the oppression enthusiastically also by providing tracking applications]
Posted by: lord garth 2019-10-03