Armed Robber Shot by Clerk – Robber's Family Furious
[Victory Girls] An armed robber brandished and pointed a gun at several people, demanding cash. An armed clerk shot and killed him. Normally, this kind of story would get a paragraph or two on a back page of the local news section of a newspaper. These aren’t normal times.

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Tribal Values v Bourgeois values
well, somebody needs a pistol-whipping to reality
The response on social media, whether in the Twitter thread above or on Facebook appears overwhelming shocked at sister’s response. Some support the clerk’s actions of defense of himself and others. Some question the lack of "proper upbringing" of the siblings. They are all close, but aren’t going deep enough on what is happening here. And that is the contemporary American cultural shift away from what may be called bourgeois values to factional, tribal ones.

Sister was clear. Her brother, regardless of his behavior, was not to be held to any standard outside of what her tribe holds. The rules that exist for all others within the larger society don’t exist for them. He was committing armed robbery? OH WELL.

The Left has spent the better part of the last 50-100 years chipping away at the melting pot logos of American culture. We don’t just witness it in fits such as these wherein people are not to be treated or judged individually by objective standards of behavior. We actually witness the attempts to destroy any person who dares to promote what used to be normative values. Professor Amy Wax wrote:
Posted by: Besoeker 2019-10-13