Donaldson: Trump Supporters Have a ‘Fixation’ on Returning U.S. to a ‘White Christian Country’
No, my dear. You mean Zim-bob-we, known when it was prosperous and law-abiding as Rhodesia.
[BREITBART] On Sunday’s broadcast of CNN’s "Reliable Sources," former ABC "World News’ anchor Sam Donaldson accused President Donald Trump
...Oh, noze! Not him!...
’s supporters of having a "fixation" on returning America to a "white Christian country."

Donaldson said, "The Trump rallies are Trump’s strong supporters. I mean, ’lock her up,’ all the things he says, all the vicious, mean things he says, they love it. There are these people in this country. They’re good Americans otherwise. They’ll probably give you the shirt off their back, they’ll help you if you need it, but they have this fixation. They want to return this country to the white Christian country that they believe it should be again. They don’t want the diversity, and they follow him for this, but they’re not the country. We are a diverse people, we are good and strong because of that, and we’re going to come back to that. I assure you."

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Posted by: Fred 2019-10-14