Govt Employee Killed In Rocket Attack In Kabul
[ToloNews] Zinat Zabe, a government employee, was killed in a rocket explosion in the Paghman district of Kabul province on Wednesday night, Zabeh’s family said Thursday.

The incident happened in the Arghani area of Paghman district. As Zabeh was on his way home, unidentified button men attacked him, according to his family.

"The Taliban
...the Pashtun equivalent of men...
pulled him out of his vehicle but then put him back inside and shot him with a rocket," the family said.

Zabe worked for the Ministry of Finance for the past several years and was married two years ago.

The family said that the Taliban sometimes are in the area but previously there was no tension.

The Taliban have denied involvement.

Afghan cops have not yet commented on the incident.
Posted by: trailing wife 2019-10-18