Death of New Zealand Farming and private property by edict of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern coming down the pike
Make no mistake, it's your LAND they want.
[Canadian Free Press] "The protest once again underscores how punitive restrictions, bureaucracy and taxes related to climate change hysteria are impacting working class and lower middle class people.

"Middle and upper class Extinction Rebellion demonstrators have been clogging major cities for over a week demanding more of the very thing farmers in the Netherlands have been protesting against."

Then as Jack Phillips points out, there’s the "death of New Zealand Farming and private property by edict of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern coming down the pike.

"We should all want to be wise and careful stewards of the beautiful planet we call home, says Jack. "But most of us realize that humans in general, are not always the best stewards. We can be wasteful of our natural resources and have on occasion reduced biodiversity.

"Therefore, when we read about groups and organizations calling for a"Green Revolution", and a new relationship between humanity and nature it is easy to engage some agreement with their ideas. However, the motive of "Sustainable Development" that is permeating our society is not about protecting the environment. Influential leaders and willing dupes are using good citizens concerns about future stewarding of resources to legislate "Government Control" of all lands, water, and human production.

"...The Communist Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, was flying to New Zealand with a Climate Change delegation to have behind the scenes secret meetings with Prime Minister Ardern ‐ and participate in a YouTube Livestream event held at Auckland University this afternoon 4.45-6 pm, 8 October 2019 ‐ organized by the Embassy of the Netherlands in New Zealand, Victoria University of Wellington (where the NZ branch of the Fabian Society is located) called Prime Ministers in Conversation: Climate Change in Transition livestream. Here is the recording:

Pr. Ministers in Conversation: Climate Change in Transition:

“First it is voluntary, then it is mandatory - There is no moderate Socialism”

Posted by: Besoeker 2019-10-20