What the GIs left behind: US military camp in Syria was abandoned so swiftly they left behind a mess of alcohol-free beer, DVDs and even satellite equipment
[MAIL] This video shows the inside of an American military camp in Syria which was hastily abandoned by U.S. troops after Donald Trump ordered them out.

Russian journalist Oleg Blokhin filmed at the base near Manbij in northern Syria where bottles of alcohol-free beer were still sitting on tables, a wide-screen TV was perched inside a tent and a laundry room was lying empty.

The camp was equipped with armchairs, fridges and satellite dishes, as well as books and a collection of DVDs and video games, all of which were left behind.

American forces cleared out hurriedly as Turkey began its military onslaught within days of Trump's announcement earlier this month, and Russian and Syrian forces have already entered the area.
Posted by: Skidmark 2019-10-23