Engineer said to send US trade secrets to brother with Iran nuke program links
[IsraelTimes] FBI says man sent confidential documents to Iran
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while working at a Michigan company that serves the auto and aerospace industries.

Federal prosecutors in bankrupt, increasingly impoverished, reliably Democrat, Detroit
... ruled by Democrats since 1962. A city whose Golden Age included the Purple Gang...
have charged an engineer with sending corporate trade secrets to a brother in Iran.

According to NPR, officials said his brother worked at companies linked to Iran’s military programs, including one that "contributes to Iran’s proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities."

Amin Hasanzadeh of Ypsilanti is also accused of lying on immigration forms by failing to disclose his service in the Iranian military. He has permanent resident status in the US, commonly referred to as a green card.

The FBI says the 42-year-old Hasanzadeh sent confidential documents to Iran while working at a Michigan company that serves the auto and aerospace industries. The government says his responsibilities included work on a supercomputer that had aerospace applications. The alleged scheme occurred in 2015 and 2016.

Hasanzadeh appeared in court Wednesday and asked for an attorney. He said he works at the University of Michigan.

He was denied bond in a hearing on Friday, the Detroit News reported.
The NPR article adds:
Federal officials say that before applying for a visa in 2010 and coming to the U.S., the electrical engineer served in the Iranian military and, according to the criminal complaint, worked at a company linked to "the Iranian government's Cruise Division of Air & Space Organization."

In 2011, Hasanzadeh started working as a defense contractor in Florida, focusing on "developing power electronics computer designs," according to the complaint. He did similar work in Maryland before getting a job in Michigan working for the unnamed "victim company" in January 2015.

Even though he was not allowed to take work home or share it over his personal email account, he allegedly started sending his brother confidential documents just six days into his employment.

Federal officials say his brother, Sina Hasanzadeh, worked at multiple companies linked to Iran's military programs, including one that "contributes to Iran's proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities."
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