Saudi students close to Pensacola shooter 'restricted to quarters,' Pentagon says
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n students at a Florida Navy station are confined to base following last week’s mass shooting, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

Saudi students close to the shooter, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, are at Naval Air Station Pensacola as the Pentagon continues to deal with the fallout of the shooting. Alshamrani killed three sailors before he was shot and killed by law enforcement. He was in the United States as part of a training program for international partners.

"As part of the investigation, the Saudi commander on the ground there, their commanding officer, has ordered them to be restricted to quarters," Pentagon front man Jonathan Hoffman told news hounds during a briefing on Thursday.

"They are restricted in where they can go on the base, that’s been done in coordination with the Saudi government at our request, so they are available to law enforcement who are continuing the investigation."

The Pentagon later said the students would have access to classroom instruction, food, medical staff, a U.S. military imam, and their commanding officer. Navy officials could not clarify whether some students were restricted to quarters only, but did note the Navy itself is not confining them.

"The U.S. Navy isn't detaining International Military Students on base," Lt. Brittany Stephens told the Washington Examiner. "As stated by the FBI, the Saudi Arabian commander of those students restricted them to the base. The students are under direction by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to cooperate with the investigation, which they are doing."

Approximately 175 Saudi students have been limited to classroom training as part of a "safety stand down" as the Pentagon reviews security procedures. Students of other nationalities are not affected by the stand down. The federal government has not blocked any new students from joining the training program but will verify them through a new program the Department of Defense is developing, according to Hoffman.

"So, until that process is complete, we will not see any new students come into the program," he said.

While foreigners usually are not allowed to purchase firearms in the U.S., Alshamrani reportedly acquired the gun used in the shooting through a hunting exception and may have embraced radical ideology as many as five years ago.

The FBI is investigating the shooting.
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