Muslim religious leader in Texas charged with sex crimes against four children
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[NYPOST] A well-known Islamic religious leader in Texas has been busted for sexually assaulting four children — though authorities believe he’s victimized others.
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Mohammed Omar Ali, a 59-year-old Somali national, was arrested Friday on charges of sexual assault of a child and sexual indecency of a child after an investigation was launched in September, Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls told news hounds at a presser Monday.
AmGreatness identifies him as an illegal alien from Somalia
Nehls described Ali as a popular "religious leader" who spent time at several mosques in Fort Bend County, as well as in greater Houston. Investigators believe Ali also victimized other children dating back to 2013 after he arrived in the US.
"It's a Cultural Thing...you really wouldn't understand"
2013? Another one on Obama’s watch.
"We do know that there are other victims out there," Nehls said. "And it is our plea today to those victims to please reach out to us so we can conduct further investigation."

Ali met his alleged victims through their parents, who invited him into their homes and paid him to teach their children the Koran, Detective Michael Alexander said.

All of Ali’s purported victims were juveniles at the time of the alleged abuse, according to Alexander, who declined to specify whether they were boys or girls.

Shariq Abdul Ghani ‐ who runs the Minaret Foundation, a group designed to increase the "civic engagement" of Moslems ‐ said Ali was not employed by any mosque in Fort Bend County but traveled to various places of worship and schools in the area.

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