Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter says U.S. voter suppression is alive and well
ATLANTA (Reuters) - The center that honors slain U.S. civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. will devote the holiday celebrating his legacy on Monday to voter education and registration, his youngest daughter said in a recent interview.

Bernice King, 56, said she believes her father would have been disappointed with efforts playing out in some U.S. states to purge voter rolls of people who have not recently cast ballots or to impose strict ID requirements.
Wasn’t Dr. King, Jr. a Republican?
"You can’t take away someone’s right to vote just because they haven’t decided to exercise it," said King, who serves as chief executive of the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta. "When you take people off the voter rolls because they haven’t chosen to exercise their rights, to me, is suppression."
except it's not taken away, you just have to re-register...with a valid ID. NOT SO HARD
It's quite difficult to "decide to exercise your right to vote" if you've been dead for five years.

Posted by: Besoeker 2020-01-18