Iraqi security forces clear protesters from key locations across the south
[Rudaw] Forces deployed by the Iraqi government have so far regained control of four areas previously blocked by protesters, according to Rudaw news hounds on the ground.

Rudaw's Baghad news hound Mustafa Goran said that Baghdad Operations has announced the re-opening of Ahrar Bridge, Wasba Square, Khalani Square and Mohammed Qassim highway in the city, key locations that have been the focus of protester blockades.

Live ammunition and tear gas were used at the scene, with the latter injuring some protesters.

Security forces also tried to enter Tahrir Square but were confronted by protesters who burned tires to prevent the forces from advancing, Goran added.

Security forces forcibly dispersed protesters in the southern city of Basra on Friday, according to AFP.

Tents erected in Najaf and other cities across central and southern Iraq have been dismantled. Iraqi officials have been accused of burning tents at a protest camp in Basra last night.

Videos showing protesters' tents being burned in Baghdad have circulated on social media, with users accusing security forces of arson.

Anti-government demonstrations have been held nationwide since October, with Tahrir Square at the heart of the movement.

Posted by: trailing wife 2020-01-26