The Westland Lysander with Shuttleworth Pilot Frank Chapman (video)
Posted late yesterday as a comment by our own Knuckles Spavins.
Sometimes the internet's not so bad. A while back, I notice the other Lysander pic and think, "Ah, Lysanders, of course... but how the hell do I even know that?" Fifteen minutes later, I still have no idea -- Janes forty years ago was not that memorable -- but I'm ready to take one up myself. Well, with a cheatsheet. And maybe not at night.

Shuttleworth "Pilot's Chat"

Another hour... "Well, I'd hate to wreck your lovely historic Spitfire, but if you're sure it's all right..." Thanks... and for the history and nostalgia items generally (painful poignancy of many notwithstanding).
Posted by: Knuckles Spavins2792 || 02/16/2020 23:54

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