Woke Archbishop Brands Own Church ‘Racist’
[BREITBART] The Church of England’s most prominent holy man, Justin Welby, said he is "ashamed of our history" and of his supposed advantages as a straight white male.
It's too bad blackface is so un-PC. He could paint himself and join the ranks of the WOGS BAMES.
The Archbishop of Canterbury was speaking ahead of a vote by the Church’s General Synod to "lament, on behalf of Christ’s Church, and apologises for, the conscious and unconscious racism experienced by countless black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) Anglicans in 1948 and subsequent years".
Do you have to pass some kind of test to be Archbishop of Canterbury? I'll bet being Anglican isn't part of it.
1948 was the year the Empire Windrush ship landed hundreds of Caribbean migrants colonists in Britannia, firing the starting gun on a wave of mass migration to the kingdom from its former empire which continues to the present day.
So lemme get this straight: The Brits decide to take this "Commonwealth" thing seriously and open their borders to fellow Empireans. And his Holier-than-Thouness is ashamed of it.
"I am almost beyond words. Personally, I am sorry and ashamed. I’m ashamed of our history and I’m ashamed of our failure," Welby said of his Church’s "conscious and unconscious racism".
I think maybe I see why church membership is declining faster than the number of BBC license holders.
"It’s shaming as well as shocking. It is shocking, but it’s profoundly shaming," he continued, somewhat redundantly, in a speech which even he described as "incoherent".
Unfortunately, he didn't commit seppuku in front of God's altar. Maybe next Sunday.

Posted by: Fred 2020-02-18